Staff at the shamed South Yorkshire Police, who have recently had to deal with the damning publication of the Hillsborough report say their morale has gone down in the last year. 

In total more than 1,200 of their staff said their morale at work was ‘low’ or ‘very low’

The BBC report:

South Yorkshire Police said 43% of its 5,771 employees responded to the survey.

Staff were asked to rate their level of morale at work, and of the 2,480 that responded, 35% said it was “low” and 23.8% said “very low”. Nineteen percent of staff said it was more than “high”.

When staff were asked whether morale at work had changed over the past year, 73.6% – about 2,400 – of staff agreed with the statement, “yes, it has gone down”.

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