How press officers can use the Freedom of Information Act to create publicity

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The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) have recently ran a media campaign using the Freedom of Information Act that has gained a lot of high profile attention for their cause. 

Their campaign has focussed on the levels of child abuse committed by other children. 
As well as an incredibly worth campaign they have been able to gain a lot of media coverage for their issues by employing a proactive press strategy. The whole event has been a PR success and should show public relations teams how they can use the Freedom of Information Act to easily publicise their causes. 
To begin with they have found a newsworthy angle, on a subject which is not often covered by the media and will also have figures higher than most people would probably expect. 
By using their advanced knowledge of the subject they have been able to use FOI request to authorities to extract the information they would not otherwise have. This is a huge advantage for charities and campaign groups. They will know more than a member of the public, or journalist, who submits a request. So why shouldn’t they spend some time to send out requests for information and make their own publicity? 
Then their campaign team will have created press releases for local and national journalists, where they can push their own message, and include quotes from their organisation. This is a wise move as it gives the (most likely) overworked journalist an easy story, which is newsworthy, they can publish with very little extra input. 
There will have been a fair amount of administration in sending out multiple requests to public authorities, including corresponding with the officers, collating results, and collecting quotes but the results speak for themselves. 
The figures can work on a national level. 
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There’s also the potential for huge coverage on a local level with the figures for each area targeting local media. I only picked a few as you quickly get the point. 
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