A heavily redacted Freedom of Information request has provided details of the sea burial given to Osama bin Laden following his killing last year.  

The Pentagon responded to the FOI request blocking out most of the details but said when his body was dropped at sea it was referred to as a ‘Fedex’ package.

The Telegraph report:

 The Pentagon also said it “could not find” any autopsy report, results of DNA identification testing or death certificate for bin Laden.

Another email sent by Rear Adm. Gaouette to senior military officials described the 50-minute ceremony, which was carried out at about noon local time – 7am in London – on May 2.

“Traditional procedure for Islamic burial was followed,” he wrote. “The deceased’s body was washed (ablution) then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag.

You can read the full story here. 

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