The Scottish National Party have been accused of a cover-up over the funding for the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh a Freedom of Information request has revealed. 

The government are said to be hiding the cost of the hospital by redacting the information in a FOI request.

The Scotsman reports:

The business case for the project has been published under Freedom of Information powers and obtained by the Evening News – but with all the key figures blacked out.

Today one senior MSP said the redacted documents meant the public were being kept in the dark on whether the SNP’s chosen funding method, using private finance, was best value for money.

The original plan was to pay for the new Sick Kids – to be built by Edinburgh Royal Infirmary at Little France – out of the public purse, at a cost of around £250 million.

But the Scottish Government last year said it would be funded by private cash under the Non Profit Distribution (NPD) model, overseen by the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT).

You can read the full story here. 



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