Image: Flickr/UK Parliament

Hundreds of knives and other weapons have been confiscated from people entering the House of Commons, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. 

The MET police commenting on the story say they run a safe scheme, this is pretty evident from the figures and for anyone who has ever visited the Commons.

Although I don’t quite agree with the analogy that a “modern-day Guy Fawkes” will beat the system.

I’m pretty sure his plot was a little bigger than smuggling a kitchen knife inside…

The Sun, report:

The shocking haul exposes cops’ daily battle to keep MPs and peers safe — and raises fears that a modern-day Guy Fawkes will one day beat the system. Our Freedom of Information requests reveal officers found 433 knives in the past three years as visitors passed metal detectors and X-ray scanners.

They also confiscated three fake guns, a knuckle-duster, a catapult, three telescopic batons, a cosh and a meat cleaver. This year’s haul includes a sabre and a sword.

You can read the full story here. 

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