London’s Metropolitan police has failed to improve its response time to Freedom of Information act request once again.

The police force will continue to be monitored by the information regulator following the announcement that the force has not improved.

The information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been keeping a close eye on the police force since 2013 – when it was first said to be not responding quickly enough. Although, any enforcement action has yet to be taken.

In that time officials have not been able to increase the amount of responses given within the 20 day working period to a satisfactory level.

The ICO, and a statement on its website, outlined that the force would continue to be watched in the coming months.

“The performance of the Metropolitan Police Service in responding to information requests remains a concern,” the ICO statement said.¬†

“While their performance has improved since they were first placed on monitoring, the ICO is continuing to monitor and work with them to ensure these improvements are sustained.”

This website, which has separate issues with how the Met have been responding to FOI requests, has previously detailed the time that the ICO has been monitoring the police force.The monitoring of the force started in April 2013 and is still ongoing.

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