NHS Strategic Health Authorities

This page lists all the NHS Strategic Health Authorities Freedom of Information contact details. 

A Google Spreadsheet with all the contact details listed below can be downloaded/viewed here. 

The NHS describe Strategic Health Authorities as the following:

Strategic health authorities were created by the government in 2002 to manage the local NHS on behalf of the secretary of state. There were originally 28 SHAs. On July 1 2006, this number was reduced to 10.

SHAs are responsible for:

  • Developing plans for improving health services in their local area
  • Making sure local health services are of a high quality and are performing well
  • Increasing the capacity of local health services so they can provide more services
  • Making sure national priorities (for example, programmes for improving cancer services) are integrated into local health service plans

SHAs manage the NHS locally and provide an important link between the Department of Health and the NHS.

It is important to point out many NHS departments have had their FOI responses outsourced to central administrations. This means one email address may be used for many authorities, e.g. in London. Therefore it is important to include in a Freedom of Information request which NHS authority you are asking for information from. 

Authority FOI email
East Midlands Strategic Health Authority emsha.foi@nhs.net
East Of England Strategic Health Authority foi@eoe.nhs.uk
London Strategic Health Authority foi@london.nhs.uk
North East Strategic Health Authority foi@northeast.nhs.uk
North West Strategic Health Authority kieran.lamb@fade.nhs.uk
South Central Strategic Health Authority corporate.office@southcentral.nhs.uk
South East Coast Strategic Health Authority corporate.office@southcentral.nhs.uk
South West Strategic Health Authority corporate.office@southcentral.nhs.uk
West Midlands Strategic Health Authority foi@westmidlands.nhs.uk
Yorkshire and The Humber Strategic Health Authority FOI@yorksandhumber.nhs.uk

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