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O2 top the (metaphoric) league table of complaints about their data protection a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Tech Week Europe reported that the Information Commissioner’s office received 48 complaints about O2’s data protection over a single year. This was higher than the number of complaints received for Google, who’s street view came under criticism, and Sony, who after a data breach leaked 3 million UK users’ personal details.

They write:

Yet O2 might want to take a hint from the data. The FOI request data shows Telefonica UK, the owner of the O2 brand, received more complaints than either Google and Sony combined, even though both were involved in high-profile investigations by the ICO following significant data breaches.

Their FOI request also covered data protection complaints and breaches against public authorities:

In the public sector, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) attracted more complaints than any other public sector body over the past year. However, it sparked 38 complaints over alleged breaches, which was less than O2′s total of 48.

You can read the full, very good, piece on data protection complaints here. 

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