Schools – ALL

This page contains a link to all 20,000 schools contact email addresses which have been published by the Department of Education – where Freedom of Information requests can be sent to.

The types of schools included are as follows:

  • Academies
  • City Technology College
  • Community schools
  • Foundation schools
  • Free schools
  • Further Education colleges
  • Nurseries
  • Studio schools
  • Voluntary Aided schools
  • Voluntary Controlled Schools¬†

Each of the above categories has their own page and spreadsheet of contacts on this website but this page brings together all the educational email addresses published by the department.

As some of these contact emails are personal addresses they may update/change when staff move positions. FOI Directory will endeavour to update these details every few months when new data is published.

Due to the size of the lists containing contact details for the schools in England they are embedded as Google Spreadsheets. These are downloadable from the original file and can be searched using ctrl+f (cmd+f on a Mac).

For ease of use, and so mistakes are not made when sending FOI requests, these contact details also include the locations of the schools.

It is advised when sending a Freedom of Information request to any of the schools listed to include in your email that you are making a request under the act, this makes it clear to the authority who may not receive many requests.

Click here to access and download the Google Spreadsheet.