Information Commissioner Christopher Graham
Information Commissioner Christopher Graham

Yesterday the Information Commissioner’s Office, which oversees Freedom of Information requests in the UK released its annual report for 2013-14. 

Here are some of the key facts.

The Commissioner doesn’t have enough money for enforce FOI:

Our Information Commissioner’s foreword grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Justice, which has been cut in every year since I became Information Commissioner in 2009, is simply not adequate for us to do the work we could and should be doing to promote greater efficiency and accountability in the public service.

This is how much he had for the year, for FOI, requests:


More complaints about requests were received than previous years:

Despite a cut in funding for freedom of information work we more than met the challenge of a 10% increase in workload.

Decision notices issued by the ICO;


The percentage of complaints to the ICO that were upheld:


How many FOI requests the ICO received itself:


Number of internal reviews of FOIs to the ICO fully or partially upheld against itself:


How much the Information Commissioner got paid (at a minimum, max £145k):


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