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The Atlantic Wire reports on the (unfortunate) refusal of the FOI request due to the White House being exempt from the FOI act.

The beer is called White House Honey Ale and apparently the honey comes from Michelle Obama’s garden beehive and is bottled in a brewery at the White House.

I don’t imagine David Cameron does the same here in the UK…

As well as the FOI enthusiasts (or as they’re more commonly know ‘alcoholics’) are also trying to find out the secret recipe by the form of a petition.

The Atlantic Wire writes:

Ever since President Obama began carrying around his own White House-brewed beer on the campaign trail, beer geeks have been eager to learn its secret recipe. With a reporter’s determination, they’ve filed a Freedom of Information Act request and formal petitions for the sweet nectar’s secret sauce. Unfortunately, a reporter’s job is a harder than it looks, and the search for the truth isn’t going so well.

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