Network Rail is now covered by the Freedom of Information Act. 

Earlier this year the government agreed to extend the Act to cover Network Rail, following its reclassification as a public body last year.

The extension of the Act was initially set to begin in April however, the company has announced that it will start answering requests from today.

“I am delighted Network Rail is now covered by FOI. I know that passengers will benefit from this change,” said Justice Minister Simon Hughes.

“Network Rail should be accountable to those who rely on it, so if things do not run smoothly passengers have the chance to ask questions of those in charge.”

The rail body previously told FOI Directory that it was expecting 6,000 requests for information in the first 12 months of being covered.

Areas that will be open to probing include rail maintenance, renewal and development programmes, information about train movements and passenger information, the operations of managed stations and more.

Mark Farrow, Head of Transparency for Network Rail, said: “We’ve already released a huge amount of data as part of our commitment to transparency and FOI is the next stage in delivering on our commitment to being more open and accountable.

“We are driven to becoming an organisation that is trusted by the travelling public, taxpayers and politicians.

“Publishing information under FOI will help people understand what we do, how we do it and why.”


Making a request 

To make a request to Network Rail you can:


Write: Network Rail Freedom of Information, PO Box 6315, Milton Keynes MK10 1AR.

Contact form:


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