Below is a list of Freedom of Information contact details for the 11 NHS Ambulance Trusts in the United Kingdom.

It’s best to let the NHS describe the role of an Ambulance Trust:

“There are 11 ambulance services in England, providing emergency access to healthcare.If you call for an emergency ambulance the calls are prioritised into:

  • Category A emergencies, which are immediately life-threatening
  • Category B or C emergencies, which are not life-threatening

“The emergency control room decides what kind of response is needed and whether an ambulance is required. For all three types of emergency, they may send a rapid-response vehicle, crewed by a paramedic and equipped to provide treatment at the scene of an incident. Over the past five years the number of ambulance 999 calls has gone up by a third.The NHS is also responsible for providing transport to get many patients to hospital for treatment. In many areas it is the ambulance trust that provides this service.”

It is important to point out many NHS departments have had their FOI responses outsourced to central administrations. This means one email address may be used for many authorities, e.g. in London. Therefore it is important to include in a Freedom of Information request which NHS authority you are asking for information from. 

You can find a downloadable spreadsheet of all the FOI contact details here.

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