NHS Care Trusts

On this page is a list of Freedom of Information Act contact details for all the NHS Care Trusts. 

A Google Spreadsheet of all the FOI contact details for NHS Care Trusts can also be viewed and downloaded from here.

It’s best to let the NHS describe the role of the Care Trusts:

Care trusts are organisations that work in both health and social care. They carry out a range of services, including social caremental health services and primary care services.Care trusts are set up when the NHS and local authorities agree to work together, usually when it is felt that a closer relationship between health and social care is needed or would benefit local care services.There are 11 official care trusts although NHS Choices currently publishes more trusts under this category to enable those organisations to list all of their health and social services.

It is important to point out many NHS departments have had their FOI responses outsourced to central administrations. This means one email address may be used for many authorities, e.g. in London. Therefore it is important to include in a Freedom of Information request which NHS authority you are asking for information from. 

Authority FOI email
Bexley Care Trust foi@bexley.nhs.uk
Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust rebecca.southall@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk
Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust foi@bcpft.nhs.uk
Blackburn With Darwen Teaching Care Trust Plus foi@bwdpct.nhs.uk
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust foi@bridgewater.nhs.uk
Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust FOI@ccs.nhs.uk
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust freedomofinformation.cnwl@nhs.net
Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust foi.request@clch.nhs.uk
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust FOI@dchs.nhs.uk
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust FOI@hchs.nhs.uk
Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust foi@hrch.nhs.uk
Kent Community Health NHS Trust kcht.foi@nhs.net
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust FOIRequests@lancashirecare.nhs.uk
Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust foi.lch@nhs.net
Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust FOI@lincolnshirecommunityhealthservices.nhs.uk
Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust FOI@liverpoolch.nhs.uk
Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust foi@nchc.nhs.uk
North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus NEL-CT.FOI@nhs.net
Northumberland Care Trust foi@northoftyne.nhs.uk
Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust FOI@shropcom.nhs.uk
Solent NHS Trust freedomofinformation@solent.nhs.uk
Solihull Care Trust bham-solihull.foi@nhs.net
Staffordshire and Stoke On Trent Partnership NHS Trust stokefoi@staffordshirecss.nhs.uk
Sussex Community NHS Trust SC-TR.FOI@nhs.net
Torbay Care Trust rfi.torbay@nhs.net
Wirral Community NHS Trust FOI@wirralct.nhs.uk
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust foirequest@hacw.nhs.uk