Responsible Use

As the old saying goes, “With great Freedom of Information, comes great responsibility”. 

Well that may not quite be accurate but the premise of the statement is correct. The Freedom of Information Act does come with a cost to everyone in the United Kingdom. Millions of taxpayers’ pounds go into funding the responses and employing those that provide them.

By providing the FOI email addresses in one place, on this website, it is important to remind those who are sending off requests to be considerate when doing so.

Sending multiple requests to authorities can create a considerable cost to that authority and if costs spiral then it is possible the act will be limited or restricted further. Abusing the act will only see the reduction in its scope and that is not healthy for a democracy.

Therefore when you are using details off these webpages to make Freedom of Information requests please consider the number you are sending and if you need to send them. There are some handy tips on what to consider when you are sending a Freedom of Information request in our post here. 

The most important thing is to guarantee the Freedom of Information Act stays free for everyone to request data.