Overhead speed cameras on the M25 have not caught any drivers speeding in the last 12 months a Freedom of Information investigation has revealed. 
The investigation by AOL Cars involved more than 20 FOI requests, which ended up showing some force’s cameras didn’t work or didn’t catch anyone.
To play devil’s advocate, are the cameras just stopping people from speeding?
AOL Cars report:
An exclusive AOL Cars investigation has found the overhead speed cameras on the M25 have not caught ANY drivers in the last 12 months.
A three-month probe, which involved no less than 20 Freedom of Information requests, has resulted in AOL Cars forcing four police forces to admit their cameras either don’t work or have failed to catch any drivers in the last year.
The Met Police, which is in charge of policing the London Orbital motorway in Surrey and the Thames Valley took more than 40 days to respond to our FoI requests – and originally refused to respond for fear of the repercussions.
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