Every day there are stories in the UK Press that are based on the results of Freedom of Information requests.

When successful the Act allows journalists to shine a light down the corridors of power and find the most murky corners. When not successful authorities can be obtrusive, difficult, and less than transparent.

FOI Directory collects and links to stories in the media which have been obtained using the FOI Act. This is to show how the press use the Act to hold authorities to account, for authorities to see that their responses to journalists are not a waste of time and finally to give any journalists an idea of what can be achieved by the Act.

There are more than 1,000 examples of stories based on FOI requests contained in the sections below.

The stories are separated into whether they were reported by the national media or local and regional media. They are then further separated into broad categories about the story’s subject.

National politics

National police

National health

National education

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Local police

Local health

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